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Let’s Join Paws is a 501(c)(3) organization passionate about making sure dogs are loved and never abandoned, surrendered or destroyed. Our mission is to connect dog owners with part time caregivers in their own neighborhood to create a loving support network.


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One of the top reasons dogs end up abandoned or at shelters is because life gets in the way. Life has a way of happening and even the best of owners with the best of intentions can get too busy to give their dog the attention it needs. That’s why we created Let’s Join Paws.

Dog Owners

As a dog owner, Let’s Join Paws helps you put a support plan in place – whether it’s for a few hours a day while you’re away at work or an extended period of time. We can help you connect with the right family to make sure your dog is loved and cared for – and it’s absolutely free.

Enjoy the benefits of:

  • Peace of Mind
  • Shared responsibility for the care of your dog
  • Freedom to travel and extended vacations
  • Coming home to a happier dog
  • Creating a loving support network
  • Having back up in case of emergencies


As a part-time caregiver, you can experience all the joys and health benefits that come with a dog’s company without the same responsibility and time demands of a full-time owner. Healthful walks, sweet kisses, and a playful companion for your kids are all within reach – and you’ll be helping save a life in the process.

Enjoy the benefits of:

  • A boost in mood
  • Increased health
  • More exercise
  • Stress relief
  • More social experiences
  • Your kids learning to care for a pet
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Our Books

All revenue generated by book sales are directed towards fulfilling our mission to ensure that dogs are always loved and never abandoned or surrendered. Your donations will grow the supportive, loving network of dog owners and part-time caregivers and will benefit partner organizations that preserve and promote the wellness of dogs.

Jenny the Magical Dog Next Door

Jenny shows us the “magic” of kind, loving companionship that is available to our lovable pets… right in their own neighborhood.

Jenny Saves the Day

Learn the importance of having a loving support system for the special animals in your life… as taught by own very own lovable Jenny.

Let’s meet some paws

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Become a caregiver and improve the lives of dogs while bringing joy to your own life. Let’s Join Paws

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  • Kathleen Bailey says, “Let’s Join Paws is a life saver. Thanks to their concept, I was able to find a great caregiver for my dog while working long hours. It was truly a “win-win situation……

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