gifts for dog lovers dogs

Stocking Stuffers for Dog Lovers to Complete Their Dog’s Pawsmas List

Let's Join Paws | November 28, 2016

When you hang your stockings by the chimney this holiday season, don’t forget to hang one for your dog. They’ve...

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las vegas locals at dog friendly places

Dog-Friendly Activities in Las Vegas

Let's Join Paws | November 18, 2016

Las Vegas locals may find themselves with some extra time off this month. Your days will probably be filled with...

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yorkie baking homemade dog food

Thanksgiving Delights: Homemade Dog Food Recipe

Let's Join Paws | November 14, 2016

Many dog owners are switching their pets to diets made of homemade dog food to keep their dogs in prime...

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Dog caregiver playing with red ball

Be the Best Dog Caregiver

Let's Join Paws |

Deciding to become a dog caregiver is one that comes with many rewards in the form of sloppy kisses, loyal...

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dog visitors playing

What to Do When the Dog In-Laws Come to Visit

Let's Join Paws | November 7, 2016

The holidays are for family. Here at Let’s Join Paws, we know there’s no one more important than your furriest...

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Let’s Join Paws Staff Veteran Spotlight: Russ Peterson

Let's Join Paws |

Here at Let’s Join Paws, we celebrate more than just our furry friends. As Veterans’ Day approaches, we’d like to...

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facts about military dogs

Interesting Facts about Military Dogs

Let's Join Paws | November 1, 2016

Veterans’ Day is right around the corner. The Let’s Join Paws family would like to express our kindest regards and...

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info about collie breeds

Let’s Join Paws Dog Breed of the Month: Collie

Let's Join Paws |

We love large dog breeds here at Let’s Join Paws. Celebrate these great companions by learning about the popular collie...

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dog owner benefits in social interactions

How Dogs Can Help with Social Interactions

Let's Join Paws | October 25, 2016

Dog owners know their furry friend is more than just a companion—dogs are like family. Our canine friends serve many...

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dangers of doggie daycare and kennel cough

What Is Kennel Cough?

Let's Join Paws | October 17, 2016

Did you know your dog could be exposed to many bacteria and viruses if they frequent dog day care centers?...

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